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Pearl Partnerships

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What We do

Pearl Partnerships is a unique B2C marketing agency specializing in product ​seeding across the Hamptons. We know from experience this is a challenging ​and costly market to break into, so we've made it simple and accessible.

We focus on giving brands access to the clientele of hundreds of exclusive short ​term rental homes and home sales across the East End through our elevated ​welcome baskets and displays. Think of it as product sampling - but better!

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After years of brand partnerships, local pop ups, and ​ambassadorships; Hamptons local Taylor Pearl decided ​there was room in the market for more.

With her extensive knowledge of activating brands in the ​area, joined by a team of seasoned marketing experts - ​she has built a platform unlike any other to amplify ​brands through her local network, relationships, and ​expertise.

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How it ​works

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Work with our team to decide what partnership is ​best for your goals and budget.


Arrange product shipments to our warehouse.


Our thoughtfully curated and designed gift baskets ​are distributed and placed in the Hampton's most ​sought after homes, with your brand front and center.

It's that simple!

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